Brunton Revolt 4000 Review
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Brunton Revolt 4000 Review

Looking for one of the best portable power banks? This Brunton Revolt 4000 review might help you make that decision. Keep your GPS tracking, your GoPro recording, and your phone topped up when you’re out in the sticks.

£40, available from Brunton or Amazon.

So, who are Brunton and why haven’t you heard of them yet? I’ll spare you a history lesson, but Brunton have making gear for the outdoors (like mobile precision compasses) since 1894. They’re pretty old school and continue to make innovative, professional outdoor products to this day.

How does this message of innovation translate to mountain biking? With more of us taking gadgets along to record our rides or stay in touch, whatever you pack has to be practical rather than gimmicky. As someone who does the occasional full day ride with an overnight stay, bag space is precious, too. Those gadgets have to earn their space!

The Revolt 4000 ticks all the right boxes for that though. It’s simple to use, easy to charge (to and from), and from my real world test, will charge more than just your phone. It’s also a rugged little blighter with a durable rubber coating so you don’t need to worry about landing on it if you crash. You can tell it’s a quality bit of kit the first time you pick it up. It’s built to last, and to take some punishment.

Here’s the low-down on the Revolt 4000 portable power bank:

Revolt 4000 Specifications

● 4,000mAh capacity will fully charge a smartphone at least twice. (In reality, more!)

● Weight 14g (0.5oz)

● Shockproofing and weatherproofing rated to IPX5 standard. (More on this later)

● Shock-absorbing silicone exterior protects against drops. (Bouncy)

● High-yield lithium cells keep alkaline batteries out of landfills. (Save the environment, man)

● Includes 3-in-1 adapter that fits a variety of devices, including Micro USB, Lightning, 30-Pin to USB. (detachable and usable on other devices)

● Output: Standard USB A (5v/2.1 amp). Input: Micro B USB. (No idea)

Exterior Design

To start off, the Revolt 4000 looks like it’s meant for the outdoors. It’s rugged, chunky and the first thing you notice when you pick one up is that it’s light at just 14g.

The Revolt 4000’s exo-shell of shock absorbing silicone protects it from rough and tumble (and gives it a little bounce when you drop it). The rubber makes the Revolt pretty grippy when it’s in your hands too.

I found that, whether you’re using gloves or your fingers are numb with cold, it won’t slip from your grasp. The bottom of the Revolt has a Vibram rubber foot, so it doesn’t slide off whatever surface you put it down on.

It also has some pretty serious water resistance going on there as well. For those of your unfamiliar with IPX ratings, they range from 0 to 8. IPX0 means it’s not water resistant at all and will likely break if wet. IPX8 means you can take it deeper than 3 ft underwater – i.e scuba diving.

So, that means for us, with a IPX5 rating, the Brunton Revolt 4000 will “continue to function when directly subjected to 12.5 L of water per minute from all directions using a 6.3 mm inside diameter nozzle at a distance of approximately 3m for at least 3 minutes.” Pretty specific, but it’ll be fine for riding in all weather. Unless you’re planning a subaquatic adventure.

Brunton Revolt 4000 Review Size

The Revolt 4000 fits snugly into the palm of your hand. I went the extra (2.9) miles and found that it works in low oxygen environments, like here near the top of Mont Blanc.

I can also confirm it will survive and continue to function in a soaked rucksack on a cold rainy afternoon, at the top of an ice-capped mountain, or 2 weeks of hot and humid weather in Morzine, which is where I tested it out.

I appreciate the thought behind the corner design as well. The flat rubber corners mean you won’t have an edge poking you in the back as you ride or scratch anything in your bag.

Charging and Ease of Use

On charging ability, the Revolt didn’t disappoint where it mattered most. Not only did the Revolt 4000 recharge my phone to 100% from flat, but on the same charge, it brought my GoPro back to life as well. That’s quite impressive for something that fits away in your rucksack. If you have 2 GoPro batteries, you can switch them out and charge the flat one whilst filming on the fresh one. Obviously it makes sense, but it’s cool to think that your kit is charging whilst in your bag.

The interior charging ports are also protected by a well-designed snap closing lid. This felt pretty solid, and it didn’t feel like the hinge was going to go anywhere in a hurry. It was stiff, strong, and a true mark of a quality product. This helps prevent bending of the charging cable and keeps dust out of the inside of the USB slot.

You’re able to see how much juice is left in the power bank by the 5 LED lights on the front. The more lights, the more power. These light up or turn off depending on the charge.

Brunton Revolt 4000 Adapters

The 3-in-1 adapter let’s you charge most devices. Swap out for any USB connector if you have a specific product you want to charge. Here’s a stock image.

So, how much can you charge off one bank? Well, charging an iPhone 6 from flat to 100% took about 35% battery. So there’s more scope to charge another phone, action camera or whatever small gadgets (GPS, Garmin etc) you have with you. One thing to note is you can’t charge from the Revolt if you’re charging it from a mains socket. Unless you’re strapped for free wall sockets, this shouldn’t be an issue. Even so, why would you use the Revolt inside? Save it for the outdoors!

The 3-in-one USB charging cable that comes with the Revolt is handy, too. It’s definitely something you’ll be using with other devices. Or, you can plus any USB device into it if you need a longer cable.

A final test by myself was to create infinite power. Unfortunately it seems you’re also unable to charge the power bank it from itself. Great for safety, though.

Brunton Revolt 4000 Colours

The Revolt comes in a range of colours, too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Final Word

I have nothing bad to say about the Revolt 4000. It is light, but durable, and the compact square flat corner design makes it easy to pack and transport. It holds enough juice to fully charge anything you’d take with you, be it cameras, phones, e-cigarettes or your e-book. (What kind of ride are you going on here?)

All in all, the Revolt is great for it’s £40 price tag (as of Dec 2015). Other comparable power bars range from £30 to £150, but the Brunton Revolt is pretty good for a holidaying cyclist’s needs.

The whole time we spent testing this I was looking for the catch, but there just isn’t one. If you’re looking for a mobile, weatherproof charger, then the Revolt 4000 should be up there at the top of your wish list. Thumbs up to you, Brunton. *gun finger point*

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